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Quick Bits: Tips for selecting games that get played at game night

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This past week my gaming group started up a discussion regarding how we go about selecting the games we will be playing at our bi-weekly game nights. The idea was brought up because it seemed that many of us have new games that haven’t been played yet, combined with the fact that all of us are willing to play just about anything under the sun. Unfortunately we are only able to get together about twice a month, for a 5-6 hour period. This usually means that our group gets through 3, and on the rarest of occasions, 4 games a night. All of us are just happy we can find the time to get together at all, let alone be able to play our favorite games!
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First Impressions: BattleCON

Battle Connection (BattleCON) {Kickstarter link}

Yet another very promising game discovered on! Here are my impressions after teaching my fiance the rules and playing 2 back to back games.
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Quick Chits (3/10/2011): Adlungland & Rallyman

In today’s Quick Chits I will be describing two promising new games that have moved up to the top of my wishlist.
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Dragonheart: When Lost Cities just isn’t interesting anymore


Dragonheart was introduced to me after I volunteered to try my hand at programing a game for One of the games on the “games we would like to see on Yucata” was Dragonheart. I read through the rules a bit and decided that it would be something I could probably translate into a digital version. So, naturally, actually playing the game was the next step in the process. Luckily the game was available on, so I was able to use a coupon and my rewards plus discount to get it for pretty much nothing! That already made it a winner in my book.

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New To Me Games (3/7/2011): Arena: Roma II

Today’s New To Me Games will outline the second game in my mini-quest to introduce @LisersN to games that are highly interactive or have a confrontational element. Yes, more cards and dice, but this time we’re in Rome!
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