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I’ve been fortunate to play some really great new games recently. Here are some brief thoughts:

Lords of Waterdeep

Sure, the complaints are that the game doesn’t have any revolutionary mechanics and the theme is pretty much pasted on. Once you start actually playing the game, none of that matters. Wizards of the Coast was able to mix a number of my favorite game elements into a very streamlined, smooth and downright fun experience. So far I’ve played with 4 & 5 players. Playing with 5 was only marginally longer and everyone still ended up within a 20 point window, from first to last. I’m looking forward to playing it again!

Last Will

This game popped up on my radar immediately after hearing about the theme of trying to be the first player to spend all of your money. Most games give you a little bit of cash at the start and it’s your job to turn that cash into fame and fortune. In Last Will you start with more money that you ever want and over the course of the game you blow it on boat parties, carriage rides, buying property and letting it depreciate, etc. Sure, there are some scale issues considering a dinner “costs” 4 and buying a property can cost 10. All in all the theme works very well if you can just think that some numbers are in hundreds and some are in thousands/millions.

I’ve only played 2 two player games, but I can see that the game has high replayability and is just downright fun!

In the Year of the Dragon

In the past few months I have been able to play many different games by many different designers, however I have not been impressed by one designer more than Stefan Feld. He just brings so many different and interesting mechanics to games. In the Year of the Dragon is no different. Now, I’ve played many of his newer games before trying this one, so I was a bit unsure if I would enjoy it as much as Luna or The Speicherstadt. Turns out I actually enjoyed it as much or even more!

This is definitely a survival game. One wrong move and you can have your whole strategy blown out of the water. The first game we played was with 5 and even though we messed up a few rules everyone seemed to have a good time. So much so that it was requested as our online, turn-based game for the week. Since then we’ve played multiple games online. I am a certified Feld Fanboy!
I still have lots of unplayed games on my shelf, hopefully these next few months will be filled with even more great new games!

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