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The Industrial Revolution and Aliens: Game night summary

My faithful gaming buddy, Mike, was the last man standing after trying to assemble a game night this week. So we decided to change things up a bit and dig into more heavier fare. He was fortunate to receive a copy of Brass just in time and since it has been on my list of games I needed to try at least once, it made the decision of picking our first game pretty easy.
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  • RT @futurewolfie: Apparently google+ is open for registration again, because I totally just registered. Woot. Find me and destroy me! w ... 4 hours ago
  • Just can't seem to get all 4 players together for game nights these days. At this point, I'm hoping we even have 3! 17 hours ago
  • Bruno Faidutti released his 2011 Game of the Year nominees. Interesting choices. I've only played 2 of the 13. 1 day ago


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