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First play: Summoner Wars

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The majority of games I get to play with Lisa are of the lighter fare, with the exception of a few “multiplayer solitaire” games such as At the Gates of Loyang, Dominion and San Juan (yes, Dominion and San Juan can probably be played much more interactively, but we tend to just do our own thing). Because of this, if we are playing a game that presents us with option of screwage, we tend to take the high road and be friendly to the other player. Unfortunately this limits the types of games that hit the table. Here’s where Summoner Wars comes into play…

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First play: Tikal II: The Lost Temple

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Tikal II has been on my want list for a long time…pretty much from the time it was announced. This is mainly because I really enjoy Tikal, but have never actually picked up a copy. I played it once in person and a few times online, mostly with 4 players. The original was a bit dry, but definitely a brain burner with many opportunities for tough decision making. That being said, I was concerned it might not be a game that would work well with only 2 players. So, in doing my research on the “sequel” I found that they worked hard to have the game play very similar no matter how many players. Also, they recognized the issue with Analysis Paralysis (AP) that a lot of people criticized the original game for. Both welcome changes, in my book and definitely the makings of a game I would be willing to pick up and play with Lisa.

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