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Dragonheart: When Lost Cities just isn’t interesting anymore


Dragonheart was introduced to me after I volunteered to try my hand at programing a game for One of the games on the “games we would like to see on Yucata” was Dragonheart. I read through the rules a bit and decided that it would be something I could probably translate into a digital version. So, naturally, actually playing the game was the next step in the process. Luckily the game was available on, so I was able to use a coupon and my rewards plus discount to get it for pretty much nothing! That already made it a winner in my book.

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First play: Summoner Wars

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The majority of games I get to play with Lisa are of the lighter fare, with the exception of a few “multiplayer solitaire” games such as At the Gates of Loyang, Dominion and San Juan (yes, Dominion and San Juan can probably be played much more interactively, but we tend to just do our own thing). Because of this, if we are playing a game that presents us with option of screwage, we tend to take the high road and be friendly to the other player. Unfortunately this limits the types of games that hit the table. Here’s where Summoner Wars comes into play…

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