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New To Me Games: 2/21/2011

This is the first article in my new segment New To Me Games. Every Monday I will be highlighting 2 or 3 games that I have not played before. These games are either newly published or have been around for a while, I have just not been presented with the opportunity to play them. Basically I will go over some of the things that made me want to buy the game and then talk about how I felt after my first couple of plays.
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First play: Tikal II: The Lost Temple

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Tikal II has been on my want list for a long time…pretty much from the time it was announced. This is mainly because I really enjoy Tikal, but have never actually picked up a copy. I played it once in person and a few times online, mostly with 4 players. The original was a bit dry, but definitely a brain burner with many opportunities for tough decision making. That being said, I was concerned it might not be a game that would work well with only 2 players. So, in doing my research on the “sequel” I found that they worked hard to have the game play very similar no matter how many players. Also, they recognized the issue with Analysis Paralysis (AP) that a lot of people criticized the original game for. Both welcome changes, in my book and definitely the makings of a game I would be willing to pick up and play with Lisa.

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