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Review: Last Night on Earth – A great intro to Ameritrash.


Photo by Jason Hill

My first experience with Flying Frog games came after picking up A Touch of Evil (AToE) over a year ago. I was looking for something in the horror realm, but simple enough to be able able to play with my, then, girlfriend. Unfortunately after a few solo plays and a couple plays with my other gaming partner, I realized that it just wasn’t the experience I was looking for.

At this point you might be asking yourself “Then why did you pick up Last Night on Earth?” OK, maybe you’re not asking yourself that, but it would be a valid question if you were! During one of our game nights, the subject of Last Night on Earth (LNoE) type games came up and I mentioned that I really didn’t enjoy AToE, although maybe I was just missing something or needed to play more of the advanced scenarios. To my surprise I was told that they are two very different games and I should get LNoE a try.

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