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Today I will be attending my very first board game convention. Kublacon is a 4 day convention held at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, CA. Pretty stoked to be going, so I wanted to be able to share my experience with everyone who is unable to attend. Throughout the weekend I will be posted updates to this space, along with photos and maybe even a video or two. So bookmark this page and check back often!!

01:42 pm:

Happy! Got a game of Through the Ages in. I even won, so that was a bonus. Time to head home. Thank you #Kublacon!

08:47 am:

Monday We are up! The only thing I have planned is a game of Through the Ages. Might check out the flea market, too.

08:54 pm:

Finished up Mansions of Madness. Investigators won, but we messed up a rule. So, officially it was a draw. Fun play, though!

05:37 pm:

So far a pretty fun day. Played a couple of prototypes, Eminent Domain and an adventure game with @gfbrobot. Good times!

08:56 am:

Forgot to mention…got another game of Pergamon in as well as Blue Moon. #latenightgaming @ #Kublacon

08:48 am:

Sunday Awake and ready to game! Meeting up with Seth (representing Tasty Minstrel Games) to see about playing some prototypes.

11:50 pm:

Busted out in poker. My AQc got beat by 10s. Had fun, though!

09:08 pm:

About to start my No Limit poker tournament. I’ll let you know when I bust out…

06:27 pm:

Currently listening to Aldie talk about BoardgameGeek. Interesting stuff!

06:02 pm:

Just finished the 8 player Heroscape game. Came in 5th. :(

02:32 pm:

Playing some BattleCON while @geekinsight and @gfbrobot playing Mansions of Madness behind us.

11:19 am:

Just arrived at the Hyatt! We’ll get our bearing and report back if we see anything cool.

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