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Many of you have heard of the Kickstarter funded game BattleCON from Level 99 Games. This incredibly popular project was funded at a staggering 255%! If you’re not aware of the game, you should definitely check out what David B Talon Jr. and his team have been up to. Just recently they settled on the final roster of fighters available in the game. The number ended up at an impressive 18 (plus a few promotional only characters). I wanted to give a little information about each of the characters they’ve come up with. I’m aware that this might be a daunting task, but I think it will be useful!

Before we get to the characters, here is a quick rundown of what you get with the game of BattleCON:

  • Simple Mechanics – While the basics of the game are simple enough that it can be taught in just ten minutes, each character brings a unique combat system and strategy to play that takes many games to master.
  • Huge Variety – Each character has 35 different attacks that they combine by creating pairs of cards from their hands. Even though there are tons of options for every situation, a player only needs to manage 8 cards at a time in his hand, making gameplay quick.
  • Deep customization – Every character utilizes a different combat mechanic. These unique abilities aren’t just special effects that come into play now and then–they are different game mechanics that make every character’s experience completely different than the others. One character has custom ammunition that you must use to match the situation; another can set traps to control terrain; yet another can gain levels over the course of combat to become unstoppable, given enough time.
  • Low Learning Curve, High Mastery Curve – Each character utilizes the same foundational attacks, but mixes them up with their own personal styles to create unique strategic maneuvers. Because of this, it is easy to pick up and play a new character right away, but you will still be discovering new tactics and strategies for them with every game you play.
  • Quick to Play – A single duel can take between 5 and 15 minutes, and can be set up and put away in almost no time at all.
  • Inexpensive – BattleCON costs less than most card games of its size on the market, and it comes with a full roster of 18 characters–more than you can get with any other such game, right out of the box!
  • Non-Collectible, Non-Constructable – Each character comes as a complete set of seven cards and some tokens. There’s no way to buy your character up to a higher power level, no rares to collect, and no obscure combinations of cards to find and assemble. You get the whole package right up front, and never need to buy extra cards or characters.
  • Tons of Variants – Play tag teams, two and three man teams, tournaments, and even a 2 or 3 vs. 1 Boss mode! The rulebook contains everything you need to play five different ways!
    Expandable – Any future BattleCON characters will be balanced and built against those in the base game, so you can mix and match freely. Plus, the game includes blank cards to make your own characters!

Now, onto the fighters!


Zaamassal utilizes different stances called paradigms in order to gain distinct advantages in battle. He switches these stances rapidly to meet the needs of his situation, and he has tricks in his arsenal to deal with almost every situation–provided he has time to set them up.

“All that exists is my world. Let me show you the chaos behind these eyes.”

From a young age, Zaamassal had a different grip on reality and perception than those around him. His additional perceptions made him an outcast among peers, until he discovered the Planestalkers, an order of knights sworn to defend Indines from the horrors that lurk outside space and time. On a routine mission, Zaamassal was lost between the dimensions, wandering for an eternity, surviving only because death did not live in the realms he traversed. The chaotic infinities twisted his unique senses further, and over uncountable years he learned just how strong the control his own senses had over reality was. Eventually, Zaamassal came to serve Oriana, a powerful pan-dimensional being who saw great potential in his abilities. Now, Oriana has sent Zaamassal back to Indines, to serve as a bodyguard to Cherri Seneca, a young girl who will play a further role in Oriana’s plans to come.

Illustrated by Christelle Huynh
Character designed by Bryan Graham

Unique Ability: Subjective Reality

As long as his concentration remains unbroken, Zaamassal can subtly alter the space around him to enforce his paradigms–fields of warped reality that grant him additional powerful abilities. Whenever Zaamassal is stunned, his concentration shatters, and he must regain momentum to set up new paradigms. By switching and maintaining these various special effects, he can hold on to powerful advantages that will keep the odds skewed in his favor.


Sagas is a fighter with the unique and powerful ability to copy the strengths of his opponents and use them to his advantage. His powers let him copy unique abilities, tactics, and styles that his enemies might use against him and give them a taste of their own medicine.

“Those who learn from the past are able to exceed it.”

At the very edge of reality, time and space fold in on themselves to create an endless labyrinth of shadows, echoes, and twisted reflections of all that is or was. The doppelgangers, shapeless and alien, survive in this inhospitable negaverse by watching history play out across the endless mirrors. In accordance with its nature, a doppelganger quickly learns to duplicate the features, skills, and weapons he sees. Given time, one may even take on the habits, morality, and goals of an individual rare enough to hold his attention. From behind the mirrors, Sagas watched a man of incredible skill master the iron staff, fight his way through the battlefields of the Centennial War, and eventually die striking down Overlord Rexan. Now that history repeats itself, Sagas has shattered the looking glass and stepped through to Indines. He will ensure the Overlord’s resurrection and strike Rexan down again, thus completing the cycle and proving himself greater than the legend he chose to become.

Illustration by Victoria Parker
Designed by Steven Christopherson

Unique Ability: Reflection

The unique nature of the doppelganger and his distant home is expressed in the use of his Shadow Mirror token. By spending it in combination with different cards, he is able to duplicate his opponent’s bonuses, styles, and even their own unique attack. Sagas is a versatile midrange fighter notable for his control of spacing and unmatched number of attack variations. However, regaining his power is dependent on matching bases his opponent already played. This means that he trades predictability on one beat for power and unpredictability on the next and vice versa. Should his opponent offer little of use to him, his own styles give him consistently good range, priority, and spacing control to keep the fight at his preferred distance. His signature attack gains in power and priority out to its maximum range, punishing less mobile or predictable fighters for failing to keep up with him. With a partial dependence on his opponent for added power and variety, Sagas fights on an even footing with nearly anyone. When he takes the field, superior timing and tactics decide the victor.


Tatsumi and Juto fight in tandem by manipulating their positioning on the field to gain various passive bonuses and set up their opponents to land powerful attacks. Their extensive mobility and ability to control the movement of enemies give them tactical advantages that bolster their stats and powers.

“Come on, Juto!”

As the sole survivor of a colossal tsunami that destroyed her island home of Condao, Tatsumi inherited the staff of Nuoc and the ancestral burden of protecting the seas from disaster. When she saved Juto from near death using the staff’s powerful magic, the diminutive bear was transformed into a mystical familiar bonded with Tatsumi’s very soul. Having learned that the disaster was not natural–but instead caused by the negligence and greed of the Willati in their quest to discover new energy sources, Tatsumi and Juto have set off on a journey to punish those responsible for their loss, as well as to ensure that the same fate does not befall any other.

Illustrated by Katrina Lin

Character Design by Jared Roswurm & Trang Nhan (Trish)

Unique ability: Tidal Bond

Tatsumi and Juto work as a team in combat, with Juto running around the field and providing differing kinds of support for Tatsumi’s attacks. At various field positions, Juto can increase Tatsumi’s range, bolster her power, or even defend her from harm by absorbing damage. Tatsumi’s attacks generally utilize medium to long ranges, so setting up and maintaining ideal positioning is pivotal to their combined strategy. Just as Juto protects Tatsumi, she must also protect him–if he suffers too much damage, she loses much of her ability to fight until he can be revived.


Hepzibah utilizes a number powerful pacts in order to extend her power, speed, range, and defenses. Each of these pacts costs her life, so she crashes and burns quickly. This reinforces her main strategy of ensuring that opponents crash faster and harder than she does.

“Dark Masters, reveal to me all the mysteries of life and power!”

A sorceress with a talent for restoring the dead and manipulating the forces of life, Hepzibah was once one of the most revered healers in the Indines. After years of aiding others, she became bored with the practical applications of her art and gradually grew obsessed with the theoretical. Now she has turned her talents to returning the Dark Overlord Rexan to life, potentially plunging the world of Indines back into its darkest hours once again. Allied with Dark Masters, who watch the world from outside space and time, Hepzibah draws power from her pacts with them by burning away her own life force–a fuel she easily replenishes by ‘borrowing’ from others. Despite her extensive talents as a healer and her innate understanding of life, her dark fascination with power corrupts any positive use these abilities might have.

Illustration by Cari Corene

Unique Ability: Dark Pact

Hepzibah possesses a number of pact tokens, which she can ante at the price of 1 life point each, and which return to her every beat. These give her skills such as increased stats, the ability to soak damage, and the ability to resist stun. Her attacks reward her for using as many of these pacts as possible, so there is a constant temptation to overuse her powers that must be resisted or exploited as the situation demands. When Hepizbah begins to run short on life force, she liberally borrows from her opponents so that she can continue fueling her pacts and press her advantage.


Luc utilizes a temporal battery to store up power over time. He can unleash this power to make use of a unique set of tricks, including traveling into the past to double up on his attacks, speeding up his own actions, or freezing time completely to protect himself from damage.

“Every age needs a hero. Perhaps I could be of use to this one too.”

One of the original four heroes who defeated Lord Rexan and put an end to the Centennial wars was a young artificer named Luc. After the end of those wars, all record of Luc vanishes from history–as though he simply disappeared. The truth is stranger than legends–as a master artificer and a dabbler in the mechanics of time travel, Luc was determined to make sure that the lives of his allies were not spent in vain to defend Indines. He has traveled forwards to the present in order to ensure the safety of the world, and to train the next generation of heroes for the task that lies ahead. Among his notable students are Khadath Ahemusei and Hikaru Sorayama, who refer to him as ‘Professor’.

Illustrated by Fábio Fontes

Unique Ability: Temporal Battery

Luc’s Temporal Battery continuously gains charge over the course of a match, allowing him to apply ongoing pressure to opponents. As a dedicated melee fighter, Luc has exceptional ability to move around the field and close distance with opponents. If he saves up energy in his Battery, he can unleash it all at once to exercise even more control over time. These effects combine to make Luc effective at both sustained offensives and attrition style play.


Vanaah is a well-rounded fighter who switches between high and low priorities to confuse opponents. Once every few turns, she is able to unleash a powerful single strike that can turn the tide on opponents.

“By the goddess’ will, I will purge this world of darkness, no matter the depths I must delve.”

A paladin in the service of the god-empress Kallimerina, Vanaah is a holy warrior with an iron will and unbending faith. She serves Sanghalia, the goddess of life and water, and so sees herself as a purifying element–cutting out only the irredeemable parts from the world. Vanaah has joined Magdelina Larington and Kallistar Flarechild on a quest to prevent the resurrection of the Dark Overlord Rexan and a relapse into the dark days of the Centennial Wars.

Illustrated by Zaida Crescent

Unique Ability: Divine Rush

Vanaah has attacks that vary between very high and very low priority, and she fights by guessing an opponent’s speed and reacting to it. Vanaah’s Divine Rush allows her to make a swift, powerful attack. The possibility of this attack keeps opponents on their toes, and Vanaah can utilize it as much for intimidation as for its practical power boost. Vanaah possesses a variety of counterattacks and swift strikes, making her actions difficult to counter. Conversely, many of her attacks work specifically by countering opponents, so she must master the ability to predict and control enemy moves if she is to excel on the battlefield.


Cherri is a fighter who focuses on keeping opponents guessing and shutting down optimal moves through manipulation of the clash mechanic. Cherri’s innate ability allows her to trigger clashes automatically, and deals damage to her opponents the longer they continue to clash with her.

“I feel myself slipping away into madness… but somehow, everything I wondered at before has become so terribly clear.”

Cherri Seneca was a young girl from Jeffreys who was stricken with a terrible disease. When the doctors in her homeland could do nothing for her, her parents took her on a voyage south, into the wastelands of Gesselheim, where they had heard rumors of a witch who would cure any ailment for the right price. Cherri died on the voyage, but that did not prevent Hepzibah Culotre from healing her and restoring her to life once more. Cherri returned blind from her journey to the Afterworld, and the ritual that restored her soul left a tiny tear in the fabric of reality that holds the worlds together. This hole has allowed terrible secrets from beyond space and time to trickle slowly into her memory, granting her mysterious powers over the realm of dreams and minds.

Illustrated by Eternal-S

Unique Ability: Nightmarish Visions

Cherri is able to utilize her psychic power to project traumatic pains on opponents who stand in her way. This is represented by her ability to force clashes–effectively wracking her enemies with such confusion and hesitation that they cannot follow through with their original intentions. Cherri has a wide range of priorities, and her abilities allow her to manipulate and cut off enemy options while manipulating clashes to her advantage.


Lixis is a fighter loaded with preventative and counter-effect options. Able to disable opponents’ individual strategies and prevent the stat boosting effects that power most characters, Lixis is a dangerous foe that forces opponents to adapt to her unique skills.

“I will defy nature, and master it, and I will live!”

The western desert of Sanghalim grows several miles every year, slowly eating away at the lush central forests of Jeffreys. Seeing the expansion of the desert would inevitably destroy her own and her sisters’ home, Lixis resolved to learn the science of biomancy, in hopes of creating a way to restore the blighted brush lands to life and fight the desert. Reaching the northern nation of Willat, the capital of Technomagickal and alchemical research in the world, Lixis joined the laboratories of famed alchemist Aaron Ross and showed a natural aptitude for life sciences. There she set about researching ways to improve and empower life. After Ross’s research was deemed heretical and condemned by the magisters of Willat, Lixis fled with Ross’s greatest creation, Kehrolyn, and his research notes. She is close to finding the secret of restoring the desert-swept lands to life, and only a few clues remain to be found…

Illustration by Victoria Parker

Unique Ability: Withering Touch

In the course of mastering the power to improve life, Lixis has learned a great deal about death, decay, poisons, and disease. She uses her natural aptitude with toxins and alchemy to cut off opponents’ powers–negating the use of their tokens, and preventing movement options. Lixis’s spear prevents opponents from coming too close to her, and keeps them at close medium range, where her many extended attacks can reach them, but they are powerless to fight back. She excels at maintaining corner traps and at shutting down opponents’ stat boosts. Her attacks are slow, and lack some of the power of other characters, but her array of tricks and decent medium range mitigate these weaknesses.


Seth is a seer who works by predicting his opponents’ moves and capitalizes on knowing what they’re going to do next.
His moves are full of special tricks that opponents have to account for if they’re going to score hits against him.

“Fate itself will be torn asunder, should it be the will of the goddess.”

Seth is an imperial oracle from the Theocracy of Sanghalim in the west. Sanghalim is a vast desert empire led by the voice of its living deity, Kallimerina, the Avatar of Sanghalia. Serving the avatar are a circle of elite oracles, paladins, and priests. Seth is counted among these. On the orders of Kallimerina, he has set out to the blasted lands of the south, to aid Magdelina Larington in stopping the resurrection of the Dark Overlord Rexan.

Illustrated by Zaida Crescent

Unique Ability: Beyond Eyes

Every turn, Seth is able to guess what base his opponent has used. If he guesses correctly, he gains increased speed and power, boosting his below-average stats to above average. His attacks feature extremely useful tricks, such as reducing enemy range, forcing the enemy to move around, mimicking the enemy’s movements, and more. While it can be difficult to predict an opponent, Seth’s real strength is his ability to create situations that will cut off multiple enemy options. For example using a base that stops his opponent’s best action, then using a style to cut off the second option, then guessing against the third best option creates a situation where Seth can counter three of his opponent’s four most viable moves.


A harrying fighter who makes deadly strikes before retreating back into the shadows, Heketch is difficult to pin and to defeat.
His unique mechanic requires him to escape melee and power up before he can rush in for another deadly assault.


Indines is a world closely tied to the dimensions around it. When the sinister Overlord Rexan first opened a portal to the Dark World three centuries ago, he released Heketch–a nightmare given human form that thrives on the pains and fears of the living. Rexan bound Heketch to only kill at his behest and made him Imperial Assassin. Since that time, he has become a name whispered in fear across the nations. For a hundred years, he fought beside Rexan to conquer the world, and earned the title of Regicide for slaying more kings than any other soldier under Rexan’s command. Notable among his victims is the Solar Saint Avenlia, ancestor and spirit guide of Magdelina Larington.

Illustrated by Danny Hirajeta

Unique Ability: Dark Force

Heketch is a highly mobile and offensive fighter who has strong incentives to withdraw from combat every few beats and recover his power. His Dark Force allows him to make high power attacks, double attacks, and to become impossible to hit. However, this power only regenerates when he moves away from his opponent, meaning that his powerful melee tactics are not sustainable for long. With little defense and range, Heketch must rely on his speed to stun opponents and on his mobility to escape from counterattacks.


An elven bounty hunter who uses high tech weaponry to do battle. Rukyuk’s guns utilize special ammunition types that are effective on a
wide range of enemies, and can strike at great distance.

“A little money, a little excitement, and to think I’m doing a little good–those are the only payments I need.”

Hailing from the technologically advanced nation of Willat, Rukyuk (or “Rook”, on the streets) is a bounty hunter who travels the world in search of wanted criminals or beasts deemed too dangerous to live. Despite his profession, Rukyuk’s success on missions in his homeland have kept a great number of people safe and have made him into somewhat of a hero. His current job is to decommission Kehrolyn Ross, the illegal creation of the recently deceased genius alchemist Aaron Ross, and to bring stolen research on her creation back to Willat.

Illustration by Zaida Crescent

Unique Ability: Custom Ammunition

Rukyuk must choose and use one of his six custom bullets with every attack he makes. These bullets modify his attacks with abilities like armor penetration, wider range, increased power, impact, increased speed, and improved stun. His styles all implement different ranges, meaning that he can fight effectively at any range on the board, but only for one or two attacks. His high mobility allows him to set up attacks, and a large variation in styles means that he fights differently at any given range.


Kehrolyn utilizes a constantly shifting pattern of styles to create a wide array of abilities that give her the highest cumulative stats of any single character. Her statistical advantage comes at the cost of showing half of her next move to enemies in advance, so she must play unpredictably to gain the upper hand.

“My father gave me the power to be anything, but never told me what I was meant to become.”

Kehrolyn is a shape-changing homunculus created by the eminent Doctor Aaron Ross. After his research was banned in his homeland of Willat, Ross was killed and Kehrolyn barely escaped from the country with her life intact. She now travels the world with Lixis, her creator’s research associate, and works to finish Aaron’s work and unlock all the mysteries of life–both natural and created.

Illustration by Katrina Lin

Unique Ability: Shapeshifting

During each turn, Kehrolyn is able to use two styles–one from her current attack pair, and the one from last turn’s attack pair. Because of her ability to use two styles per beat, Kehrolyn can synthesize 140 different attacks instead of the usual 35. Each of her styles specializes in something different–speed, range, offense, or defense. Because a third of her attack remains face up on the table for opponents to see, it is easy for her to fall into the trap of being predictable. With higher average stats than any other character, and the ability to merge styles to suit the situation at hand, Kehrolyn is a dangerous foe at both melee and medium range.


An offensive light fighter who is good at landing attacks, but does very little damage with each one. Demitras gains the ability to do additional damage and strike faster with each attack, building up towards the grand finale with each swing of his sword.

“Can you hear it? The bated breath, the fast-beating heart, the whimper of fear? The symphony of demise draws ever closer to your grand finale.”

A three century-old vampire who fights with lightning speed, Demitras is a servant of the Dark Overlord Rexan. Two hundred years ago, Rexan was slain by four legendary warriors, and the world was restored to light from darkness. An aristocrat and ruler of the world alongside Rexan in his glory days, Demitras is working to revive the overlord by collecting the souls of the world’s strongest warriors.

Illustration by Victoria Parker

Unique Ability: Crescendo

Demitras has good mobility and speed, but his attacks are significantly weaker than other characters. Every time Demitras lands a hit, he gains a Crescendo Token, and every time he is hit by an opponent, he loses one. For each of these tokens he has, he becomes faster, meaning it is easier to land hits. If he spends a token, he gains an increase to power with his attack, but sacrifices the speed the token would otherwise grant. Thus, Demitras must manage his pool of Crescendo tokens and wager on which hits he thinks he can make. With low defenses but high mobility and unbeatable speed, players need to adapt a very different kind of strategy to deal with Demitras.


Cadenza is a robot designed as a master of counteroffensive attacks. He is designed to soak up even the most powerful hits, and deal them back with interest to enemies. Cadenza’s special ability allows him to barrel through stuns and light attacks and deliver heavy damage to enemies.

“The Cadenza model is Willat’s most powerful soldier–it fights without hesitation, pain, or remorse–a perfect engine of destruction!”

Created by Magister Bors Vilnar of Willat, Cadenza is a custom model of automatic soldier that runs on steam and clockwork. This particular model is Vilnar’s personal prototype, outfitted with a number of customizations and a remote module that allows him to be controlled by the Magister directly. Cadenza is currently deployed to track down Lixis and Kehrolyn and return them to Willat, dead or alive.

Illustrated by Danny Hirjaeta

Unique Ability: Iron Body

Cadenza utilizes his impenetrable exterior and great power to ignore hits that would stun most characters and to strike back against opponents for high damage. He is extremely slow, but possesses high defenses and damage-dealing capability. His unique ability, Iron Body, lets him become immune to stun on any attack he wishes, virtually guaranteeing that he will have a chance to attack. Unlike most characters, Cadenza has no way to recharge his ability, meaning that he has a limited amount of stun prevention to last him through the match. Careful judgment of when to use and when not to use this ability will determine his ultimate success or failure on the field of battle.


A defensive fighter who focuses on longevity and outlasting opponents. Magdelina begins a match in a severely weakened state, but gradually grows more and more powerful, eventually becoming the strongest character in the game, if she can survive long enough.

“Solar Saint, let your light shine through me, that I might deliver Justice by your sword!”

A spiritualist and descendant of the Legendary Solar Saint Avenlia, Magdelina uses the rituals of a battle priestess to summon forth her ancestor’s ghost and channel its strength as her own. As her ties to Avenlia grow stronger, she transforms into an unstoppable force of legendary might.

Illustration by Victoria Parker

Unique Ability: Divine Conduit

Magdelina’s connection to her spirit guardian, Avenlia, is expressed in levels. She is able to increase her level by using a specific style during a match, and with every level she gains, Magdelina gains increased power, speed, and defensive ability. She is able to use a signature attack, Blessing, to heal both herself and her opponent, prolonging the match and making it easier for her to outlast enemies. Staying alive long enough to reach her third or fourth level and be able to fight back effectively can be a daunting task against some fighters. Thus, Magdelina must adjust her strategies to match the capabilities of opponents and thwart their moves until she reaches a reasonable power level.


Hikaru is a geomancer who can manipulate the elements to infuse his attacks with new powers. Able to extend his range with wind, increase his power with fire, or soak damage with a shield of earth, Hikaru has options for every situation.

“Motion, Power, Clarity, Purpose–to fight is to experience the thrill of living!”

A student of geomancy–the magic of elements–who has some elemental heritage of his own, Hikaru is a fighter who utilizes the power of the world around him to aid his strength in battle. As a friend of Khadath and Kallistar from their days at Argent University, Hikaru has joined Khadath on his quest to save Ahemusei from the terrible plague that has taken hold of it. With a strong sense of justice and empathy, Hikaru cannot turn down the chance to use his skills to aid those in need.

Illustrated by Zaida Crescent

Unique Ability: Geomantic Assault

Hikaru is a close-range fighter with high mobility and speed. He uses various elemental infusions to add additional properties to his attacks–a fistful of flames for additional damage, a shield of earth for protection, a whip of water for range, or a wreath of wind for speed. By carefully managing and using these resources in the correct situations, Hikaru is able to adapt as the situation requires, making him an excellent fighter in most matchups.


A fire elemental with the ability to transform into a living inferno, Kallistar burns away her own life in order to fuel her attacks with outrageous power. With a wide range of combat options, Kallistar’s deadliest enemy is time.

“Fire within, consume my heart, that I might destroy those who stand in my way!”

Kallistar is a half-elemental who trained in magic alongside Khadath at Argent University of Magic. While Khadath chose to study the planar magic of teleportation and spatial control, Kallistar devoted her time to learning the destructive arts that could enhance her natural abilities and unlock her elemental potential. Able to transform herself into a living engine of destruction by burning away her own life, Kallistar is a deadly force of nature.

Illustration by Zaida Crescent

Unique Ability: Elemental Form

Kallistar is able to transform between her more defensive and tactical human form, and her all-out offensive elemental form. While in elemental form, Kallistar’s attacks are fast and deadly, but her life slowly drains away, making this powerful state a liability that she must manage carefully.

Kallistar is able to fight at any range on the board, but is most effective at a medium range, where she can hurl fireballs and spells at enemies without coming into range of their melee attacks. If she does find herself in melee, Kallistar relies on her increased priority to overcome opponents and deal heavy damage. While she is able to defeat an enemy in as few as three hits, her lack of defensive ability and movement options while in elemental form means that slippery opponents can dodge her attacks and force her to waste her own life chasing after them. Management of her self-destructive power–when to play it safe and when to make a power play for victory–will define how successful Kallistar is in battle.


A master of teleportation and spatial control, Khadath can set traps that slow down his enemies and give him a great advantage in combat. With great mobility and range, Khadath is difficult to pin down.

“If you hesitate, if you fear, if you despair, then you are already trapped.”

A prince among his tribal people, Khadath cast off his wealth and status to become a scholar, and study Planar Magic at the distant Argent University. Now, a plague has stricken his people, and he is one of the few who can save them. Armed with his ancestral sword and his sharp wits, Khadath is searching for a cure to save his people and himself, before it is too late…

Illustration by Katrina Lin

Unique Ability: Gate Trap

Khadath’s studies into time/space magic at Argent University have combined with his hunter’s training to form this unique ability. His attacks allow him to place a Gate Trap Marker on the board after the match begins. Any opponent standing beside the marker has reduced priority (-1) on their turn. Anyone standing directly on top of it has greatly reduced (-3) priority on their turn. Additionally, Khadath’s unique attack, Snare, uses the location of his Gate Trap to determine its range. These effects combine to make this area very dangerous for opponents.

Khadath fights primarily by utilizing his trap to control opponents and manage space on the game board. Opponents want to stay out of the way of this trap, as they are at a severe disadvantage while they stand on it. Khadath utilizes this fear just as much as the trap itself, guiding his opponents to set up ideal situations, and punishing them for ignoring his tactics. Khadath can put the trap between himself and opponents to keep them away, then focus on ranged attacks, holding off opponents who need to be close in order to fight. He can also use his movement skills to force other players onto his trap in order to play more aggressively, or stack it beneath them in melee combat to gain the upper hand. This versatility makes Khadath a character who can make use of several different strategies over the course of a game, and who can adapt as needed to suit the situation.

If you made it this far, congratulations! That must mean you’re really interested, so I hope you got in on the pre-order. If not you can still place an order directly from Level 99 Games on their website Tell ‘em The Noble Gamer sent you!

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